The Hairy Bikers’ Perfect Pies: The Ultimate Pie Bible from the Kings of Pies

The finished pie, yum!

If you only buy one cookery book this year, you should make it:

Hairy Bikers Perfect Pies.

What is more quintessentially British than a pie?

According to Wikipedia ‘the first reference to “pyes” as food items appeared in England (in a Latin context) as early as the 12th century, but no unequivocal reference to the item with which the article is concerned is attested until the 14th century (Oxford English Dictionary sb pie)’.

In short, we have been making and eating pies for a very long time!

This is a great book from Si King and Dave Myers and represents superb value.  I bought it as a stocking filler and was amazed when it arrived,  It is a huge collection of recipes of all things pie related including flans, suet puddings and even side dishes plus some good basic tips for those who have never made pastry before.  It really is beautifully presented with lots of illustrations so you can see how each recipe should look.

We made the chicken, leek and ham pie recipe although substituted turkey (well it was just after Christmas :-)).  The recipe was easy to follow and the results were brilliant.  Melt in the mouth pastry and a filling to die for!

These are certainly not low fat recipes but for me a pie is a treat, that you don’t have too often.  It is great to dip into this book when you are feeling indulgent.  Just the thing to cheer you up on a dreary winter’s day.

So get your hands on a copy of this book and get baking!



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