Pasta Disasta

Pasta disasta it most certainly was!  Learning through your mistakes is quite often the best way to gain new skills and cooking is no exception to this.  It was definitely the case with my pasta making experiment at the weekend.  Making the pasta dough was fine and I got the hang of kneading it to get the right elasticity.  Making the filling for the ravioli worked well (minced beef, bacon, red wine, garlic, tomato puree, seasoning).  The big mistake

was not realising quite how thin the pasta dough needs to be :-).

The general taste of the pasta was good but it was far too thick for a ravioli sheet and can officially be pronounced as a kitchen disaster.  You live and learn and I did say I was on a culinary journey when I started this blog!

Now what I think I need is this pasta machine:


I love the idea of making my own pasta and will return to ravioli making when I have the right equipment 🙂

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