Pancake Day

One of the greatest UK food traditions is Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday, to give it its more religious term. It is actually observed in observed in many other English speaking countries such as Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada but is also observed in the Philippines and Germany.

Tonight we couldn’t resist making some lemon and sugar pancakes. I wasn’t cooking this time as my partner is the in-house pancake expert!

Delia Smith’s recipe is very reliable if you have really never made pancakes before:

Apparently the word pancake appeared in the English documents from about 1430 but forms of pancakes are known to have been consumed from pre-historic times.

All the way from the medieval to the modern Christian period, pancakes have traditionally been a way of using up supplies before the onset of Lent. Lent being a period of fasting and giving up certain luxuries as a form of penitence. Lent is traditionally observed by Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, Presbyterians, Anglicans and some Baptists.

There are many forms of pancakes around the world. Think of Breton crêpes, German Pfannkuchen, Dutch pannenkoeken and Russian blinis. Even Japan has the Okonomiyaki

Whatever is your particular fancy this Pancake Day, enjoy!

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