Happy Easter!

Easter eggsA very Happy Easter to one and all!  Also Happy April Fools Day.  I loved the Virgin Atlantic’s spoof with the glass bottomed plane :-).  I hope you have had a good Easter weekend.  I am not religious so have not been celebrating the religious significance of Easter but I do feel that Easter is always a time to look forward to new things and to the better weather.  Surely there will be some better weather soon?  Earlier this evening, I checked the garden thermometer and it read 1oC!  Brrrrrr!  I don’t call that spring weather, it feels like the depths of winter still.  However, there are definite signs that that spring is on its way.  Daffodils are bursting into bloom in the garden and a cherry tree in a neighbour’s garden is heavy with tight pink buds looking like they are fit to burst at any moment.  I am really looking forward to spring and summer.  Most of us feel much more like going out and about when the days are longer and the weather is warmer.  I am not expecting too much after a few disastrous English summers but warmer would be good!

I am planning to try some new restaurants I haven’t been to before like The Ivy in London and re-visit some old favourites like Chutney Mary in London to sample a new menu.  I am am also planning visits to exhibitions like the David Bowie exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum and I really must pop into the Tate Modern to see what is going on there.  I am really hoping that we will get some barbecue weather as I really love cooking outside want to try some marinades and homemade burger recipes yum! I’m also going to quite a few plays and events at South Hill Park my local arts centre and theatre and really looking forward to that, the next one being the play Blythe Spirit. If you are in Berkshire, check out the programme at South Hill Park via www.southhillpark.com.

In the meantime I am hibernating as I am not back at work until Wednesday and enjoying a few chocolate treats.  We bought a Hotel Chocolat Ostrich egg to share.  Apart from the egg, it contains a box of chocolates and some little mini eggs.  Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs really are quite amazing.  When Hotel Chocolat were first thinking of producing Easter eggs they talked to other Easter egg manufacturers and the consensus of opinion was to produce a thin delicate chocolate shell.  Hotel Chocolat went completely against that advice and produced the thickest chocolate egg you can imagine!  It certainly sets them apart from the norm and ensures their continued success and faithful following.

Hotel Chocolat The Half-and-Half Ostrich Egg Hotel Chocolat The Half-and-Half Ostrich Egg - the eggs Hotel Chocolat The Half-and-Half Ostrich Egg - chocolates














No Easter would be complete without a Lindt bunny. However, I got a big surprise when I came downstairs on Easter Sunday.  There was not just one Lindt bunny but 11 of varying sizes including 2 dark chocolate bunnies! The bunnies had been breeding it seems! With all this chocolate in the house we will have to ration ourselves and make it last. It seems the appropriate time of year to step up my running to counteract the chocolate eating. Fair reward for some physical effort I’d say!

Lindt bunnies




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