Cinnamon Kitchen’s Chilli Spice Recipe

I catch updates from Cinnamon Kitchen: I found a great chilli spice recipe on their website. Their Twitter feed @CinnamonKitchen was publicising the recipe and I was curious about what it would taste like. It was very good and of course you can alter the heat of the mix by increasing the cayenne pepper

This restaurant is a relatively new addition to the London Indian Restaurant scene and I haven’t eaten there yet but it looks interesting.  Describing itself as ‘modern Indian cuisine’ and producing ‘spice infused cocktails’.  So far so good…

I do like their philosophy of sharing their cooking secrets and even running cookery classes. I really must sign up for one soon, you should also check it out. In the meantime enjoy the recipe:


3 tbsp paprika,

1 tbsp ground cumin

2 tbsp oregano

1 tsp red or cayenne pepper

1/2 tsp garlic powder


  1. Combine ingredients together.
  2. Store in an air tight jar or plastic tub.
  3. Shelf life should the earliest ‘use by’ date of all the ingredients.


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