Chutney Mary

I cooked a curry tonight, it made me think about the Indian restaurants I love the most.  I’m excited.  Next month I am visiting one of my favourite Indian restaurants, Chutney Mary.

It is owned by the MW Eat Group and it opened in 1990 in Chelsea London.

Your local curry house this isn’t!

Authentic Indian regional cusine is the central focus of this restaurant.  The seafood and lamb are particularly good but vegetarians are well catered for.  The Anglo Indian puddings are unique by normal Indian restaurant standards.  Really it is all truly wonderful.  Consistently good food, great atmosphere and very reliable service.  What more could you ask for?

If you like martinis, try the mango martinis :-).  I once took a San Franciscan foodie to this restaurant.  Apart from food, one of his big passions in life was mixing and drinking martinis.  Imagine his excitement when he discovered mango martinis on the drinks menu!  The evening could only be a success after that.

The main dining room is large but with lots of atmosphere with mirrored walls and full of candlelight.  Try the conservatory for summer evenings and weekend lunches for a different more intimate yet bright atmosphere.

Above all, this restaurant should be on your bucket list as one of those places you must visit at least once in a lifetime.

For further details take a look at their website:

I think Fay Maschler from the Evening Standard, really sums up what it is all about:Fay Maschler – Evening Standard:
“Not so much Bollywood as jolly, jolly good.”

My mouth is already watering with anticipation :-).  Hope you get the chance to try it some time…







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