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If you have never been to Borough Market, you are missing a great treat.  A food market has existed in the Borough High Street area of Southwark since the 13th Century.  Today the market has over 100 individual stall holders and is a foodie’s paradise.  If you like to know exactly where your food has come from and buy it from people who are as passionate about food as you, this is the place for you.

Everything from organic bread, to the freshest fruit and vegetables








The day I visited the market, the temperature had dropped to -5°C.  Hard to believe it now with temperatures this weekend more reminiscent of summer than winter.  This was only about a month ago.  Even with such severe weather the market was a thriving mass of visitors and I managed to spend 2 hours there.

I would say the best day to visit would be a Thursday as I have been told it is quieter and more relaxed with live cookery demonstrations.

If I had to single out a favourite stall from my visit, it would probably be The Bath Soft Cheese Company, particularly for their Wyfe of Bath Cheese.  It is a semi-hard cheese perhaps in texture a little like an Edam type cheese but with far more flavour.  It has a delicious nutty, creamy flavour.







If you fancy a visit over Easter, it is open as normal:

Thursday 5th April
11am – 5pm

Good Friday 6th April
12pm – 6pm

Saturday 7th April 
8am  – 5pm

Nearest tube is London Bridge but you may enjoy a gentle stroll along the South Bank from the London Eye, towards London Bridge and you just need to turn right at Southwark Cathedral.

Happy shopping :-).



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Borough Market

  1. I love borough market, though it is no longer home to the smaller, UK suppliers who have been priced out and moved a bit further east.

    If you are there at the weekend, it’s only a short hop to the southbank and the real food show too, also well worth a visit

  2. Rachel K says:

    I love Borough Market too . . . so much to taste, too little time and not enough room! There’s also a veg stall that does fabulous wild mushrooms in season. One of the meat stalls does the best burgers I have ever had! Oh and there’s a Mrs Kings Pie shop too for those of us Midlanders who miss a proper pork pie in London!

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