Black River Chocolate tasting

Chocolate samplesFirst of all as it is so close to Christmas, I would like to wish one and all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Hope you enjoy lots of delicious food and wine over the holiday.  Foodie task for today?  Black River Chocolate tasing.  Its a hard life but someone’s got to do it :-).  I mentioned about Black River Chocolate in my last blog as I met them at the BBC Good Food Show.  They very kindly send me some samples to taste.

I was away for a couple of days so was very excited to open my chocolate parcel.  It contained a box of pralines and a selection of 4 bars which consisted of Vanilla with 70% cocoa, Milk with 48% cocoa, Dark with 70% cocoa and Sugar Free with 70% cocoa.  All these chocolates and bars are handmade in Belgium from a single source Jamaican cocoa.

I tried the pralines first.  The box is beautifully presented with a striking black, green & yellow design to link into the national colours of Jamaica.  I opened the box and a delicious cocoa aroma wafted up.  Three of the pralines in particular tantalised my taste buds.  The first was the Praline Coconut.  This is a milk praline with coconut on the inside and dark chocolate on the outside, sprinkled with coconut.  It has a lovely creamy coconut taste and the coconut adds to the texture.  The second that I particularly enjoyed was the Praline with Nuts.   Milk chocolate on the outside, shaped like half a walnut, filled with a praline and decorated with half a walnut.  A delicious smooth nutty praline and the walnut just finishes it off beautifully.  Finally for my favourite.  This was the Granache with Raspberry.  The filling was a soft cream ganache.  Tangy with the raspberry yet sweet at the same time then coated with milk chocolate.  It almost had a hint of the French Chambord wild raspberry liqueur.

Pralines 2









The milk bar is a complex fusion of different flavours.  A slightly nutty flavour with a strong cocoa hit from the 48% cocoa and a creamy finish.  For fans of high quality dark chocolate, the vanilla bar provides an intense dark chocolate cocoa flavour with a subtle hint of vanilla and again a slightly nutty note to the overall flavour.  This chocolate is perfect to be savoured with a cup of very decent coffee after a meal.  Or you could eat it with some very full bodied red wine.

I haven’t tried the dark and the sugar free bars yet (there is only so much quality chocolate a girl can eat in one day) but I am sure I will not be disappointed.

You can buy the chocolate through their website although the bars are starting to appear in selected locations.  They are also planning on opening a small shop in London soon which will also sell other items complimentary to their chocolate so watch their website for further news.



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